Experience powerful & transformative OSHO Meditations designed for the individual in the marketplace. Today’s individual is mind oriented and so silent sitting or Vipassana meditation is tougher to practice & less effective. The Active meditations designed by OSHO are created to first make you physically active and involve the mind in activity after which it is easier to sit silently and witness your thoughts.

What are Active Meditations & how does it help you?

Active meditations designed by OSHO  involve effort or activity to be done by the body-mind before you can sit in silence. As the body-mind gets involved & focused in making the effort, it withdraws energies that have been invested in thoughts, emotions, anxiety etc. These energies are channelized in one direction and as the mind gets totally focused, the doership or duality drops and so does the mind. Your inner state shifts from doing to being. In this state, you experience the first glimpse of meditation (the being state). To taste this is the greatest joy.

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Meditation – A non-serious, playful approach!

Many people think of meditation or spirituality as something serious or too ascetic. To some, meditation gives a “holier than thou” feeling. And for others, meditation binds their consciousness to fixed thought patterns or teachings of dhamma. Osho Meditations are designed to break this layer of seriousness, monotony & spiritual ego so that the playful child like self can be brought to life. It is the question of opening your heart instead of being closed in your own ego & spiritual knowledge. Playfulness is a pre-requisite to meditation. Seriousness takes you away from meditation, away from your ownself. It is deeply rooted in our ego & is life negative.

Should I Meditate at home or in a group?

The group energy really helps! Practicing meditations in a group can really help you go much deeper, much faster. When one meditates alone at home initially, one tends to continously move from one thought to the other in a vicious circle of one’s own ego projections. And hence, many people esp. who are new to meditation find an increase in mental activity (rather than a reduction) while trying to meditate alone at home. This is natural & frustrating. And many people stop meditating with a conclusion that it doesn’t really work. But when you meditate in a group, the experience is quite the opposite. You get a real taste of meditation (or relaxation) and reduced mental activity fairly quickly. So start right, find a group that resonates with you and join it.

How Meditation helps?

When you meditate regularly, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Reduced mental traffic & more peaceful life
  • Stay more focused in your day to day work/routine
  • Enjoy a more healthier life mentally & physically
  • Effective in reducing anxiety & depression
  • Better sleep
  • And experience a balanced & joyful life

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