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OSHO Death Anniversary Celebration

Experience powerful & transformative OSHO Meditations designed for the individual in the marketplace. Today’s individual is mind oriented and so naturally meditation methods like Vipassana are tougher to practice & less effective. The Active meditations designed by OSHO are created to first make you physically active and reduce the mental activity and after which it is easier for you to sit silently and witness your thoughts.

What are Active Meditations?

Active meditations designed by OSHO are meditations involving some effort or activity to be done by the mind before you can sit in silence. As the mind gets involved & focused in making the effort, it withdraws energies that have been invested in thoughts, emotions, anxiety etc. These energies are channelized in one direction and as the mind gets totally focused, the doership or duality drops and so does the mind. Your inner state shifts from doing to being. In this state, you experience the first glimpse of meditation (the being state). To taste this is the greatest joy.

OSHO Meditation Center

If you have any urgency to taste your inner nature or your being, this place is for you.

Some of the side effects of meditation:

  • Reduced mental traffic & more peaceful life
  • Stay more focused in work & life with reduced mental activity
  • Enjoy a more healthier life mentally & physically
  • Reduce anxiety & depression
  • Better sleep

We invite you to try one of our half day events so you can know this is for you or not. Find out about: Regular meditation events 

For further information, please contact:

  • Prem Abhishek – 647-822-7487
  • Prem Anmol – 416-365-1800

OSHO Meditations are created for Individuals in the Marketplace

Meditation – The only way to Disown the Past & Be Joyous in the Present moment!

Learn the Art of Meditation & Relaxation…your ethnicity and religion does not matter!

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