We invite & welcome new people to come to OSHO Meditation center in Toronto. It is a very friendly & comfortable ambience where you can explore your inner dimension. This is not a religion or cult where you need to follow any ideology or teaching or dress or mala rather we do different meditations that can help you explore & know your inner dimension. Simple meditation techniques are practiced at this center along with the required guidance & support. Detailed instructions will be given for the meditations. No prior experience or background is required.

What do we provide you at the OSHO Center?

Every meditation program at the OSHO Meditation center in Toronto is about “YOU” the individual who comes to experience meditation. We provide tools (methods) & the ambience for you to meditate. If you come with a clear intention & interest to participate in meditation and without any reservations, you will 100% feel the depth & intensity of your inner nature. Perhaps you may never have felt that relaxed, peaceful, happy and so much at ease being with your own self after practising very simple meditation methods that we will show you. No mountains climbed…such a simple realization of your own nature.

Is meditation really helpful?

Don’t go by knowledge, preconceived ideas or things you have heard from others about meditation. You cannot know meditation or decide if it works or not without experiencing it in the right way. So just come, experience it first before deciding if it works or not. You may be surprised to know that such simple ways exist to be happy & joyous! That’s what is Meditation.

It’s time to leave the mental garbage and LIVE HAPPILY!

So much full of thoughts? Confused at making simple decisions in life or experiencing the Sunday fever of going to office on Monday…whatever is the cause of your anxiety there is a way to fix the mind. And the way is Meditation. Once you experiment meditation and see it working for yourself during the program, you can apply it to your life. Of course, how much you have messed up your mind, that much undoing is required.

First timer guidelines to get the best out of meditation!

Here are some things to keep in mind before coming for any meditation program:

  • Plz. plan to reach on-time
  • Have a shower before coming to this event
  • Avoid using strong perfumes or deodorants
  • Wear comfortable clothing (or maroon robe if you have one) to be able to make free body movements
  • The floor is carpeted (and not hardwood). You may bring your own mats if you would like. We do have some cushions available to use
  • Come with an empty stomach. If you can’t stay hungry, finish off your breakfast/tea/coffee atleast 1.5 hours before coming
  • During the meditation, avoid unnecessary talking, social media usage or phone usage to preserve your energy for meditation
  • It may be a good idea to let your friends or family members know to avoid calling or contacting you during the event to avoid any disturbance & for you to go deeper into meditation
  • Turn off your mobile phones during the event to avoid disturbance to yourself & others
  • Free street parking is available. Plz. look for fire hydrants

Carry your lovely smiles! :)- See you!