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OSHO Heart Meditation 21-Day Group
Oct 22 – Nov 11 (7.30pm – 9.30pm)

We will be starting a 21-day group doing OSHO Heart Meditation. Heart Meditation has been devised by OSHO based on Atisha’s method of compassion. The group will start on Oct 22nd and end on Nov 11th. Timing will be 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm everyday for 21 days.

OSHO Heart Meditation Group Details:

Duration: Oct 22 – Nov 11 (21 days) for 2 hrs. per day

Format: 1 Hr. OSHO Heart Meditation  + 45-min OSHO Discourse (on Atisha / Book of Wisdom)

Pre-requisites & Important info:

  • To attend this group, your total commitment is required for the entire 21-day period. It is important to come regularly for the entire 21-day period. Joining from mid-way or guest appearance is not allowed
  • A taster is available on the first day to try before committing to the 21-day period
  • While not mandatory, this group is effective for people practising meditation on a daily basis
  • Avoid using strong perfumes or deodorants
  • Plz. plan to come at 7.15 pm so we can start & finish on-time
  • Have a light dinner before coming to enable you to focus during the meditation

Place – OSHO Satsang Meditation Center – 141 Calderstone Rd, Brampton, ON L6P 2M3
Facilitated by: Sw. Prem Abhishek & Prem Anmol
Contribution – $25 (e-transfer to [email protected] or pay at the door)
RSVP: Sw. Prem Anmol (416.365.1800) or Sw. Prem Abhishek (647-822-7487 / [email protected])

OSHO talks about Heart meditation
“Everybody is burdened with great misery, everybody is under great suffering, everybody’s heart is hurting. There is much pain. Atisha says before you can do this with the whole existence, you will have to start first with yourself. This is one of the fundamental secrets of inner growth. You cannot do anything with others that you have not done in the first place with yourself. You can hurt others if you hurt yourself, you will be a pain in the necks of others if you are a pain in the neck to yourself, you can be a blessing to others only if you are a blessing to yourself. Whatsoever you can do with others, you must have done to yourself before, because that is the only thing that you can share.”
Extracted from Osho, The Book of Wisdom, Talk #5

Become a transforming force within existence
In this meditation you allow all the suffering – of yourself and of all the beings in the world – to ride on your incoming breath and reach to your heart. The heart can do miracles, it immediately transforms the energy. You drink in misery, and it is transformed into blissfulness. Then, on your outgoing breath you pour that blissfulness into the whole existence. The meditation is based on a small fragment from Atisha, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.